Fresh Kill

Credit: Francesca Hanson

Credit: Francesca Hanson

The result of vocalist/guitarist Jess Mann and vocalist/drummer Emma Johnson’s respective backgrounds in music production and songwriting, Fresh Kill is “sometimes sweet, sometimes sad, often angry.”

Grounded in poignant harmonies between Jess and Emma and propelled forward by bouncing, rhythmic instrumentation from bassist KC Cifizzari, Fresh Kill is a refreshingly sunny but equally hard-hitting alt-pop trio that has something to say- and they’re making sure their voices are heard. 

Born one summer evening in Bloomington, Indiana, Fresh Kill is an equal collaboration between the three musicians, with Jess and Emma taking the reign on songwriting and KC providing the complementary basslines to tie the songs together. Jess’ knack for harmonies and Emma’s budding lyrical prose led the two to collaborate on the acoustic guitar and find their natural balance as vocalists. After Emma began honing in on her skills as a drummer in February of last year and Jess continued to build on her songwriting craft, Fresh Kill was born. Following their first round of shows that summer, KC joined in October 2017 to round out the trio. 

Fresh Kill’s sound encapsulates a unique combination of elements, evident from their equally unique influences. From the carefully crafted storytelling of Neil Young’s songwriting, to the dynamic vocals of Mitski, to the politically-charged garage rock of Detroit’s Death, their songs come together to reflect experiences that almost immediately resonate to the listener.  The diverse influences of the three create a distinctly cohesive package. Fresh Kill’s prolific batch of songs embody a world of paradoxes- playful but firm, sonorous yet equally subtle, and empowering in their vulnerability.

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