Heaven Honey

Credit: Liz Paveza

Credit: Liz Paveza

Heaven Honey is just doing what feels right.

Initially a drummer, Indiana singer-songwriter Jordan Gomes-Kuehner played with Bloomington indie-pop trio Her Again for two years before the band dissolved. At some point during her stint with the group she picked up a guitar and started working on what would become Heaven Honey's first songs - her own personal brand of songwriting that would step away from the town's common genres and establish a new, distinct sound.

That sound is a little bit of Angel Olsen, a little bit of Mazzy Star, and a whole lot of many other things that have shaped the chameleon that is Jordan's songwriting. Her releases come across as both delicate and bold, intimate and mystifying. You can hang onto every word she sings as if these are your own experiences, even with her personal touch that expresses them to be uniquely hers.

That variety and unpredictable nature is what makes Heaven Honey so extraordinary. It's a "create first, ask questions later" mentality that results in a genre-bending display of dream pop, folk, and hard-hitting rock and roll. It leads to a level of genuine honesty that makes you feel like you're part of something new and special - and that's simply because you are. 

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