About Us

While 1212 Records technically began in three different cities and time zones, it’s more accurate to say the label’s initial start was in the landlocked town of Bloomington, Indiana. As students at Indiana University, Brian Berger, Collin Thomas, and Annie Skertic began working together at their school’s student radio station, WIUX, and found common ground in the town’s DIY-house show scene.

As both musical partners and roommates, Brian and Collin began hosting basement shows at their college home. Better known as ‘Doce Doce’, 1212 East Atwater became a fixture in the local scene and a space for Bloomington-based musicians to collaborate and perform together.

1212 Records was started out of a love of music and the community that surrounds it. It’s a result of three uniquely (and geographically) different individuals whose goal is to connect the diverse pockets of artists in their newly adopted cities.



Want to reach out? Connect with us on social media and send us an email at info@1212records.com. Also be sure to check out the Contact and FAQ page for any questions you may have!

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