Ivy Dye - Diminish EP (Digital)

Ivy Dye - Diminish EP (Digital)


Purchase comes with download of Ivy Dye’s Diminish in MP3 and WAV format, as well as digital artwork. Download will be distributed via email and download link after purchase.

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Ivy Dye is... 

Chris Adams - Vocals, Guitars 

Connor Boyle - Drums, Guitars 

Bryan Dalle Molle - Bass, Guitars, Keyboards/Electronics, Percussion, Vocals 

All songs written by Chris Adams and arranged by Ivy Dye. 

Drums (1 - 4) and bass on (2) and (3) engineered at I.V. Labs in Chicago, IL by Jake Bronson. 

Vocals, guitar, and bass (4) engineered by Ivy Dye at home studios in Chicago, IL and the Lung House in Austin, TX. 

Bass on (1) engineered by Sean Lochridge in Austin, TX. 

Produced and Mixed by Bryan Dalle Molle at the Lung House in Austin, TX. 

Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in Chicago, IL. 

Artwork and Layout by Meghan Baas. 

Dedicated to John.

Catalog # - 1212-0007